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Papa Bob does much more than provide your pet with food and water while you're away from home. Papa Bob also spends quality time with your pet, gives him exercise, all required medications, and knows how to tell if your pet needs veterinary attention. What's more, Papa Bob offers free additional services, such as bringing in mail and newspapers, watering plants, turning lights on and off, and providing homes with a lived-in look to deter crime.

When you must be away from home — say for travel, an emergency, or you need to work late —and don't want to leave your pet in a boarding kennel, who takes care of your pet? If you're like many pet owners, you ask a friend or neighbor to stop in and pour some kibble and water in your pet's bowls. But is this what's best for your pet? There's a good chance that your friends and neighbors lack proper pet-care experience and have even forgotten to show up. They may also resent frequent requests to look after your pet while you're gone.

So, what is the solution?  Papa Bob!

Also available is Papa Bob's Day Care at your residence.  Pamper your pet every day with our quality care in the comfort of your own home!

Papa Bob — A professional, qualified individual who enjoys caring for your pet.

    Bonded and Insured.

    Licensed by the City of Roseville and Placer County.

    Certified in First Aid for Animals by the American Red Cross, February, 2004.

    Active member of Pet Sitters International.

    Active member of Northern California Pet Sitters Network.

    Active member of Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue Foundation.

    Active member of Sacramento and Placer County SPCA.


Papa Bob's Pet Sitting Service offers many benefits for both you and your pet.

Your pet gets:

    The comfort and security of his own home where all the sites, smells, and sounds are familiar.

    His same diet and daily exercise routine.

    Relief from traveling to and staying in an unfamiliar place with other animals (such as a boarding kennel).

    Avoids exposure to illnesses from other animals (if otherwise boarded in a kennel).

    Avoids being traumatized by travel in a vehicle.

    Personal love, caring, and attention.


You get:

    The peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet is being cared for by a professional who cares.

    Someone to bring in your newspaper and mail so potential burglars don't know you're away.

    Someone who will come to your home so you don't have to drive your pet to a boarding kennel.

    Other services such as plant watering and pet grooming.

    Happier friends and neighbors who aren't burdened with caring for your pet.

    To enjoy your time away worry-free knowing your pet is in good hands.

    A healthy, happy pet eagerly awaiting your return home.

    And a detailed printed report of all pet sitting activities.


 Click here to read a few words from some of the many clients of Papa Bob's Pet Sitting Service.

It's easy to contact Papa Bob:

Phone:  (916) 784-0921

Please Note:  We appreciate advanced notice of all your pet sitting needs.  We therefore ask that, when possible, you contact us at least four days before you are scheduled to leave town.  During the busier holiday and summer months we would appreciate at least one week's notice.

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